You happen to have stumbled upon The Crochet Chef website, so welcome!  Here you will be able to find ideas, project, recipes and links to sites I love.

Cooking and crocheting go hand in hand for me as they give me a chance to decompress and share the results with those I love.  With a crazy life taking care of 2 kids, a husband and a home, I am lucky enough to have said husband work as hard as he does to allow me to stay at home and keep things afloat.

With the whirlwind of daily tasks, I use cooking and crocheting mostly as a creative outlet.  It’s a way to redirect some energy and get to a happy place.

Well, take a look around and enjoy!  Please feel free to contact/comment with any questions.

Also, follow me on Instagram @TheCrochetChef and on Facebook, TheCrochetChef!


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