Here we go!

Hello and welcome!  As you have already guessed, this is a new blog where you can find lots of projects, recipes and links to the things that I love and enjoy (and hopefully you do too.)

While I am no stranger to technology, I must say I have used social media in very small doses and with many reservations.  I got my first smart phone about a year ago, post statuses to Facebook about once every few weeks, I have no clue how twitter works and up until now, I only used Instagram for the photo filters and never uploaded a single one.  However, despite all of that, I think it is safe to say that when I decided to go ahead with The Crochet Chef, I didn’t exactly dip my toe in the pool of social media.  Nope, I went ahead and did a full on cannonball into the deep end.  I set up an Etsy shop, a Facebook page, website, Instagram and email account. I think it suffices to say I was pretty excited.

That being said, here I am to share the things that make me happy.  If all goes according to plan, I will be able to pass some of that happiness and inspiration on to you.  So check back often for fun things to learn and see (or as much as I can get done while trying to take care of a home, a husband and 2 children under 3.)  I’ll be writing about projects I’m working on, tips and hints I learn through the trial and error process, and new dishes I’ve tried or created.  Welcome and enjoy!


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